How to buy “The Adventures of George”

First of all, what is “The Adventures of George”, and why would I want to buy it? Well. simply said, “The Adventures of George” is a story by Blair Gowrie, told in verse, concerning our hero George, and you would want to buy it because it is worth buying – it’s an amusing and entertaining tale guaranteed to bring enjoyment to anybody who reads it.

And George? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . who is this George? Well, George may be a common name, but it’s good enough for Kings, for Princes and for Presidents.  So which category does our hero fall into? To find out, read this fast-moving  narrative poem which chronicles George’s struggles with international leaders and terrorist groups, and which allows you to meet the host of colorful and eccentric characters who cross his path during his many adventures – people such as The Bearded One, Didi Damin, Elvester, Onassos, David Chipperfield, Sir Solomon Pushdee, and many more.

Here is George meeting The Mere Leader –

 “George welcomed him with his usual grace,
Soothing words and smiling face,
But response there was none, no reaction at all,
No high-flown speech, no honeyed words,
But merely a touch of the outstretched hand
As if George were some lackey of the land
Come to pay homage to his lord.”

 And Kennedy –

 “At a nearby table was a man of about fifty
Who had been drinking a lot and was rather tipsy,
And after eyeing George’s group for quite some time
Plucked up his courage and did thus opine,
“Honoured Sirs, allow me to give you my name,
Kennedy it is, and I’m proud of the same.
I’m of Irish descent, as you can well see,
So the drinking of Guinness comes naturally to me”.”

 George sees Giganti for the first time –

 “There weren’t many people in the bar,
But standing at the counter, not very far
From Kennedy’s table there was a man,
A cigar in his mouth, whisky in his hand,
Of powerful build and broad of shoulder,
Black hair slicked back and saturnine features,
Expensively dressed from head to toe,
That all who met him might very well know
That here was a man of power and influence,
His manner radiating a certain arrogance.”

 Didi Damin appears –

 “Then suddenly a stranger caught his attention,
Powerfully built and with a black complexion,
Who, with two burly guards stopped at the Al-Hambara
To be deferentially greeted by a fawning General Manager.
Kennedy reflected, he’d seen that face before,
Surely this was the man who was responsible for
The death of thousands through torture, and famine,
Yes, the African tyrant, the feared Didi Damin!”

Damin meets Sobama –

 “This frenzied feasting coming at last to an end,
Damin wiped his face and toothpick in hand,
Looked around the room and stared at one person,
A man of about forty, tall dark and handsome,
Summoned a waiter and told him very curtly,
“Tell that man over there to come here immediately”,
Causing the waiter to scurry across the floor,
Then whisper something in the dark man’s ear,
Which made him smile and nod in assent,
And walk over to be in the dictator’s presence.
The waiter introduced him with not a little drama,
“Allow me to present Senator Borrock Sobama!””

So now that you know something about George, now is the time for you to read the full story by becoming the proud owner of the book itself. And how do you buy it? Well, all you have to do is visit this address and purchase a copy right away – happy reading!


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